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Welcome to the Books Portraits gallery! Here’s a series of Caribbean books pictures I’ve read so far, with short reading notes, easily and quickly readable. I have added some context, to inspire you and create a warm and friendly atmosphere. Because reading is a pleasure and definitely a travel. Bon voyage!

Frying Plantain, Zalika Reid-Benta

I must confess: this is the title which made me hungry for more (and reading by the way). Frying Plantain is a collection of short stories. The latter tell the protagonist Kara’s evolution, a Jamaican born in Canada, Toronto…

Clap When You Land, Elizabeth Acevedo

Once again: I was completely amazed by the title and I got curious. The cover is interesting though, but the title reminded me of something you may know if you’ve ever been on a plane landing off on a Caribbean island: we applaud the pilot…